Enter with respect and honesty, not using provocative clothing
Installation view at El Colegio Nacional, 2017

Don’t come in dishonest dressings for you provoque the other’s sensuality!,
A void tight clothing, short skirts, lycra, shorts, cleavage and sweats!

Installation view at El Colegio Nacional, 2017

Remember, decency preserves intimacy and self-love
Installation view at El Colegio Nacional, 2017

Adentro / Afuera (El Colegio Nacional)
Inside / Outside (El Colegio Nacional)
October, 2017: Intervention at El Colegio Nacional,
Four enamel paintings,
86x130cm each

El Colegio Nacional was founded by decree of president Manuel Ávila Camacho in 1943, as an institution that would bring together Mexico's most relevant scientists, artists and literary figures; it aims to preserve and divulge the most significant contributions regarding science, arts and humanities Mexico can offer the world. Their motto is “Libertad por el saber” (Freedom for knowledge). Amongst its founding members José Clemente Orozco, Diego Rivera and José Vasconcelos, stand out.

An institution dependent of Mexican’s taxes, Colegio Nacional has 38 lifelong members that receive a monthly grant of 8,200 USD. Currently, 35 out of those members are men and 3 are women. Throughout its entire history it has had 102 members, 98 men and 4 women.