Don’t come in dishonest dressings for you provoque the other’s sensuality
Group show No te pregunté (I did not ask you), installation view at Museo Experimental El Eco, 2016

Adentro / Afuera (Museo Experimental el Eco)
Inside / Outside (Museo Experimental el Eco)
October, 2016: intervention at Museo Experimental el Eco 
Two enamel paintings, 36x50cm each

Mathias Goeritz was a German-born Mexican sculptor. He is best known for his interest in what he called “emotional architecture,” Goeritz’s public sculptures were often large-scale and inspired by prehistoric cave paintings and monoliths.

Museo Experimental el Eco is one of his most representative works, considered a crucial work in Mexican Modern Art history, the building was opened in 1953 at the request of Mexican entrepreneur Daniel Mont.