Una Línea Perfecta
A perfect Line
Engraving on paper,
36x19.5cm each, series of 86
Line embroidered on leather,
36x19.5 cm

Piteado is the artisanal process of embroidering on leather, from Colotlán, Jalisco, México. Most commonly it is done on belts,which work as legitimizing agents among their wearers, only men: the more motif-saturated the belt, the more expensive(manual labor value, most embroiderers are also men). Perfect Line is 86 engravings, one for each item included in the cataloguePiteado: Origin and Art, Oaxaca and Jalisco; arranged according to their level of complexity. The title and the price for eachengraving are the same. Thinking about the predominance of the idea above manual labor in contemporary art, the engravingwith the simplest form is the most expensive and the most elaborate one is the cheapest.